Hal's recommendations for gear for the AIR 2 AIR workshops.

Primary camera body - DSLR preferred. 35mm full frame or APS-C sensor does not matter.
Wide angle lens
- would be good to have from about 17-50ish mm.  I will have a 15mm, 17-40mm, and 24-70mm with me.
Telephoto lens
- would be good to have from about 70-200 mm. I will have 70-200mm with me.

With that said, I should have both Canon and Sigma at the event with multiple lens options available to try.

A tripod is a good idea for the shooting on the ground. In most cases, we will not use one in the air. I will have multiple tripods with me from Really Right Stuff if you would like to use one.

There will be lighting gear at the workshop including large studio strobes for some of the ground work. I have all of the equipment necessary for that. For some shots you may want to have a smaller speedlight/CLS option as well.

If you have any other questions please shoot me an email or give me a call. 805.528.7385