Our good friend David Mecey has added a wonderful workshop in Germany! This workshop is not hosted by Light but we do support his efforts in making quality workshops and teaching the best practices. Please follow his links below to register and email him directly for any questions or concerns about this workshop.


David Mecey

David Mecey


David will offer professional instruction, fabulous models, makeup & hair, grips, photo shoots, all of it. In addition, your hotel and meals combined with all your transportation during your workshop stay is included. *Airfare is not included.

 Add to that his wonderful sponsors with equipment & support: Dynalite strobes, Chimera light modifiers, Sunbounce reflectors, Sigma lenses and Canon Printing Services. David brings everything you need to make this workshop an experience second to none.

 But what takes his program to a level rarely seen will be the superb locations* he has secured for you, which are normally unavailable to the public. This has been made possible thanks to his dear friends, photographer Guido Karp, his wife Nicole and photographer Olaf Pohling.

 Here is a detailed itinerary:

 You arrive in Frankfurt on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 with a reception that evening.

 Sunday morning David's team will pick you up, transport you to the workshop hotel in Bendorf, then to thefirst location, the Eisenhütte Bendorf (steel hut). This facility is a ginormous steel and glass structure that could very well be the largest natural light studio on the planet.

 Monday, you go to one of the most iconic racetracks in the entire world, the GT track facility of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. You will be inside the garages of two of the F1 teams, the hot pits, even the grandstands for our shoots. We might add that this is unprecedented, so feel very special!

 Tuesday, you are at one of the most special places in all of Germany. It’s the point where the Mosel meets the Rhine River in Koblenz, Deutsches Eck/Blumenhof, or German Corner. Atop the monument base is an enormous statue of Kaiser Wilhelm. The entire area surrounding German Corner is made up of art and gorgeous backdrops. Another very special place just for you.

 Wednesday, you are atop the most unbelievable Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, or, Fort Konstantin. This enormous facility dates from the 1820s yet on this same location was first used as a monastery dating back to 1153. A phenomenal backdrop for photographs and it’s yours for the day. We will also lunch while at the fortress.

 Thursday, you are in a gorgeous castle, Schloss Engers, only a short drive from our hotel in Bendorf. From ornate to spectacular is the only way to best describe this amazing location. 

Friday is shooting fashion in the streets of Rhens. With cobblestone streets, stonewalls and vintage accents at every turn, this village will make any fashion/beauty session an editorial dream. After your street shoot we celebrate your closing night together with a Bon Voyage party at Coyote Ugly. (Yes, just like the one in the USA.)  

Saturday we say goodbye to our students.

 *Due to possible extenuating circumstances beyond David's control, all locations are subject to change without notice.