Born to a Cal Poly professor and an engineer, Jill did not grow up in an artistic environment. But that didn’t stop her from trying anyway. Armed with her first camera, she took photography classes in high school. Back then she could only shoot with film, which wasn’t cheap. So as the years went by, she only dabbled in it as a hobby. When she got her first DSLR her love of photography was unleashed once again. But life still managed to get in the way.

The sad passing of her grandfather and her generous gift she was subsequently given allowed her to immerse herself like never before. Learning all she could about her new gear, Photoshop, art and life in general, she developed a new enthusiasm and set her back on her life path.

Her smallest of camera gear, the iPhone, soon became more than just a phone, it turned into an all out obsession. Her 365 blog went from being an exercise in taking more photos to venture in exploring this new camera, apps and all, to its fullest. She shoots, edits and posts almost daily all from her iPhone 5. She is also constantly on the hunt for new and better apps as well as gear that works with the camera, er, phone.

Jill lives on the beautiful central coast of California and is currently venturing into other mediums such as watercolor, encaustic painting and jewelry design, never forgetting the photography. She strives to find ways to incorporate her photography into the other artwork. She found it all an exercise in discovering the artist she always wanted to be, playing daily with at least one medium.

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