Good Morning,

I wanted to send a note to say thank you for a wonderful week of photography and learning. What you two have created should be the template of how photography is taught. I have learned so much in the 4 classes I've taken from you...I wish I'd found you sooner. I had been struggling on my own (and still am with my tripod!!!!) for many years with online classes that left me frustrated. Your style of teaching and support is unsurpassed and I will do my best to spread the word in our community.

Sharon Garner
April 2013

What an unbelievable experience! I can't stop thinking about the four-day photography journey from all the information gained to a wide variety of photo ops. Everyone was delightful and it was great making new friends who come from a variety of backgrounds. 

Thanks for all the logistics, attention to details, sharing of your expertise and setting the tone for a truly special and unique opportunity. 

The final night's wine dinner was exceptional, as was the time together; thank you!  I'm already planning my next trip to LIGHT Photographic Workshops and look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Best regards,
Diane Howerton
March 2013

My brain is bursting and my soul is happy.

Hal is a great instructor: a wealth of knowledge, completely approachable, and breaks down the most complex concepts into the simplest of terms (and repeats it 3 times in different ways so that even the most confused of us get it).

Thank you for lighting the fire again.

Heather L.
February 2013


Compliments on another great class. You always answer my questions, and leave me in a place to continue my own work. Much appreciated. 

best, Don Monkerud
February 2013

Hal, I am an experienced Lightroom user but have the attitude that I can always continue to learn.  I watched all 190 or so videos and, without a doubt, you are the best asynchonous internet photographic instructor that I have ever encountered.  I have been a photographer for 44 years and will continue to be a lifelong student.  I want to thank you for your efforts and clear, concise and excellent instruction on Lightroom 4.  I hope you have more of your training open in the future.  I have recommended you now to at least 10 other photographers.  (Also, I live in the Norfolk area so I appreciate your service to our country.  Thank you sir!)

Dennis Mook
January 2013

First let me say thank you.  That was fun, informative, and the best photography class I’ve been to!  You accomplished your goals, I feel very comfortable with “M”anual mode and will probably not go back … just need to practice, practice, practice.   Hal you mad the information fun, its clear you love what you do and it makes it really easy for us to get excisted and into that learning groove …

Second you and your staff were very friendly and approachable, my brothers and I loved the class. 

Milton DeNicholas
January 2013

There is no better instructor for digital post processing software than Bull Schmitt, period, end-of-story!

Dwight McCann
January 2013

I just wanted to tell you all that I really enjoyed the class this weekend and feel like I have learned more in two days than I would have learned in 2 or 3 years of fumbling around on my own.  I found myself explaining White Balance to my wife on Sunday evening and realized I probably would have been deep in the Idiots Guide to even get a beginning understanding of the concept....

Pat Perry
January 2013

WOW! That's all I can say as I reflect on the time I spent with all of you. I have always loved photography and now I feel like I'm ready to start. I did spend some time today trying to photograph our little dog who was very cooperative. I KNOW I need to keep doing a little bit over and over and I have already started. As I get some decent pictures, I'll shoot them your way.

One thing I can say now is, when I got home Sunday night (Paso), I told my husband this experience was literally "life changing"! I feel the adrenaline when I pick up my camera, when I think about what I might do with it, and where it might take me.

Thanks to ALL of you for your time, insights, help, and encouragement. I really mean that!

Madeleine Gallagher
January 2013

I would also like to say thanks to Victoria and Hal for the Outstanding workshop on printing, the great coffee and hospitality. I have paid more for a semester at a local college but got ten times more return on my investment in just one weekend at Light. I wonder what my return would be one a week long course or a trip... I will be back for more.

Thanks again
Bravo Zulu

Dan Brunger
November 2012

I loved Hal’s DSLR Workshop!  I never thought I would be able to get such a grasp of my camera in just 2 days but Hal had a way of explaining the camera so well that even I was able to understand the fundamentals and start using the camera the way it’s meant to be used! J I’m planning on taking another DSLR class next year … hopefully you’ll have one next spring or early summer before I take a trip to Africa, just to refresh myself.

Kathy Van Beurden
August 2012

I loved Jack Davis'is iPhoneography class this past weekend. It was all that I expected and more. I am looking forward to the October photo festival. You always have such outstanding workshops.

Keep up the good work.

Reed Bonham
August 2012

The workshop was a great experience. Jack Davis is extremely talented in the teaching environment. He demonstrated a number of tools, apps other resources that could be put to use immediately with both the iPhone and iPad. I would urge anyone interested to take a class from Jack. You will learn a number of tricks and shortcuts that will decrease the amount of time needed in post processing. Looking forward to the California Photo Festival for more of Jack and others!

Gordon Isbell
August 2012