Tim's love of photography and writing started with an effort to have a really easy course schedule one year in high school. He'd completed his "real" courses and needed to complete a number of elective courses to meet the graduation requirements. Seizing on the opportunity to "slack off" for a semester, his course schedule included photography and journalism. Part of the appeal was that these courses would be fun. Little did he know that they would become the foundation of this future work. With a strong background in computers, Tim is well-suited for the digital darkroom, and has  developed a great deal of knowledge on all aspects of digital imaging.

Tim has authored or co-authored over a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, including the best-selling Photoshop CS4 Workflow and Color Confidence. He has also had hundreds of articles published in magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro and PC Photo. Tim also publishes an almost-daily Digital Darkroom Questions (DDQ) email service, where he answers questions related to the digital darkroom. Most recently, Tim has started publishing the Digital Darkroom Quarterly print newsletter, featuring in-depth articles to help photographers make the most of digital technology in their work. 

Besides writing, Tim also lectures and teaches courses on digital imaging, including appearances at the major photo industry tradeshows. He is a member of the Photoshop World Instructor Dream Team. 

With such a busy schedule, Tim doesn't get much time to actually take pictures. When time allows, he enjoys photographing birds, flowers, and just about anything else that catches his eye during his many business travels or near his home in New York City.

Tim can be contacted at: tim@timgrey.com or you can check out his website at TimGrey.com