Photoshop Fun

Rudolf Budginas

Just a little Photoshop fun!
Rudolf is an incredible piano player going on a U.S. tour this fall. They need a poster for his flyers. I've helped his tour manager before with Photoshop tutoring, but she wants something elaborate and fun. Well....what do you guys think? Hal made the smoke and flame for me to import into the image. I bet if you ask really nicely, Hal will explain how to make the smoke!I had to de-saturate the entire photo a bit and give it a huge boost in contrast with a curves adjustment layer. I superimposed the piano strings on the wall for a nice wallpaper look. Lots of masking! A little bit of the Fay Sirkis technique on his eyes, but not enough to make him look like a doll...I need to fix up the bubbles a bit, but the smoke and lighting the stove I think is turning out great. Not quite done and looking for client direction. If anybody has thoughts on this let me know! Here is his website if you're interested... everyone for reading!Victoria