ProShow Producer Student Shows!

Ok you guys. Here they are! Follow this link to go to the slideshows and type in

LightPhotoWorkshop as the member.

This weekend was great! We collected a few of the slideshows that were created and posted them to the link above. I have about two more coming but I think it will be pretty obvious as to which slideshow was mine. Amanda Butler won a copy of ProShow Producer for having the best slide show and David Jesus won a copy of ProShow for answering the quiz correctly! Good job both of you!

I learned quite a bit but I can say that I may need another course for some of these more advanced transitions and add-ins that Amanda was picking up with ease. The uploading and sharing capabilities of the program is also very easy to use and the quality of the images and sound is incredible. Jon Canfield did an expert job at teaching us the ins and outs of the program so that each of us successfully came away with a working slideshow (or 2) and the knowledge to apply it to our photography when we work on our own.

Thank you Jon! I wish you nothing but the best. We cannot wait to see what we have in store with you in the future...

Thank you Photodex for the generous sponsorship for us and our students!

On another note...if you are interested in learning retouching portraits...I am going to be teaching our MNL (Monday Night Light) tomorrow night at 6:30PM PDT. You do need to subscribe for the month (only $20) and you get 4 consecutive sessions with the subscription. Usually Hal does the MNL but since he will be photographing the Palouse a bit more with his new found friends up in Spokane I will have the honor to show you what I like to teach!

Hope to see you all here soon!