HDR Interior and Exterior

All images shot by Janet Penn-Franks

Spent part of today working with a client on some HDR images of her home, both exterior and interior.

The attached images show a couple different methods of making the final image. The exterior shot is what I call "old school" Photoshop. I take the different exposures and layer them in a single PS document (stacking.) After that, I spend some quality time with my Intuos 4 tablet and get to masking.

The interior shots are all merged to HDR via Photomatix Pro. After tone mapping the images were saved as TIFFs and then sent back to PS for final processing. In most cases the final processing is limited to contrast addition and overall midtone tonal adjustments.

All images in this post were shot by Janet Penn-Franks. If you are looking for a good architectural or vineyard photographer contact Janet through LIGHT.

We're having our End of an Era eagle photography grand opening tonight down in Arroyo Grande. Check out the website for more information.


Have a great weekend.