Infrared HDR

The shot is from a recent photo shoot exploring High Dynamic Range (HDR) with an Infrared converted DSLR. I am fairly happy with the results so far.

I shot three images with a Canon D60 converted to IR and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L. The three images were imported to Lightroom and prepped for merging to HDR in Photomatix Pro. The result was tone mapped with the Details Enhancer method. After going back to Lightroom (happens automatically with LR 2.4 and Photomatix Pro 3.1.3) I cropped slightly.

I have another few hundred shots from that day so I have plenty more to play with.

Looks like we are going to add a week long HDR intensive in August. I'll have the details out soon. But we will learn the theory, process, shooting, merging, tone mapping, and more. As always here at Light we will finish with the proper sizing, sharpening, and printing on our big Canon imagePROGRAF printers.