Another Fun Morning

2 shot stitched panorama
Canon 5D Mk II and EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
f/16 3/10" ISO 100
ACR 5.4 Vibrance +20
Living on the Central Coast of California does not suck.
We travelled to Black Hill in Morro Bay hoping to shoot a sunrise. Interestingly, as we drove to the hill in the fog, expectations were not high. By the time we arrived at the top of our ten minute hike, we were still in the fog and decided to wait it out. Five minutes later we started to watch a spot clear directly in line with the rising sun. For the next fifty minutes we were in and out of the fog as wave after wave came over us. Finally, the fog settled in the valleys about 250' below us and we shot for another forty five. As the sun rose higher, the fog began to build and slowly enveloped us again. To breakfast we went!
So when asked how the shoot went we could honestly say "It was foggy when we started and foggy when we ended but the middle was unreal!"
Back in the classroom now and working our images. Off to shoot HDR at a local farm this afternoon and horses on the beach again tonight.
Good living.