Hal at Momma's Fish House Beach

Victoria shot me yesterday while I was in the middle of the pano process.
Just booked a shooting and workflow course at Insititute of Visual Arts next year. We'll have dates out in the next day or two.
The images we are getting here are amazing. We're out shooting so much there is almost no time to execute the after capture workflow.
Shot for over four hours this morning. Downloaded while searing a beautiful Ahi tuni steak. A little review while enjoying the seared/very rare tuna and some beautiful, spicy wasabi.
We just had a great random trivia discussion after Victoria wondered why there were so many "Christmas" trees all over Maui. She's seeing the huge Norfolk Island pines. Very cool tree and loved by some of the early Pacific explorers since the trees grow so straight. The trunks were used to replace the masts of their ships when needed on long voyages. Always fun to throw out the cool, random trivia.
Back out to the Bamboo Forest for more shooting soonest.
More when we can.
Fiat Lux!