Free Live Web Training Every Week only at LIGHT!

As many of you know we started live online training a few months ago in the format of Monday Night Light (MNL.) The intent was MNL would be just like your favorite TV show; scheduled regularly so you can tune in each week.

The seminars have been great and we are expanding the program with one change, every session of MNL is FREE, no catch, no hidden costs. All you need to do is sign up and tune in.

Every Thursday evening or Friday morning we will post the new link here on the LIGHT blog, via Twitter, and on our Facebook page (Light Photographic Workshops.) The sessions are limited to 1000 attendees so register early.

For the Twitter crowd follow LIGHT at

Click on the following link to register. After you register you will receive a confirmation email as well as reminders one day and one hour before the event.

Hope to see you online next Monday!

OBTW, next week's topic is creating an action to automate your luminance mask creation.

Fiat Lux!