"Hey Hal?" Lightroom Photomatix Pro Plug In

We'll start a new regular feature on the blog today with the "Hey Hal?" series. This is a suggestion from one of the folks in class this week after noticing a common theme from the participants. Every now and again during the flow of class, a "Hey Hal?" will ring out letting me know there is a question. So today, I've taken a question from this week and the most common bug in the Photomatix Pro plugin for Lightroom.

When Tone Mapping is complete and you click Save and Re-import Photomatix will process the results and bring the image back into the LR catalog. If you clicked the stack with highlighted photo option, LR will stack the tone mapped, processed image with one of the source files. Every now and again the stack symbology will show up but the stack will not expand. This is a bug on the Mac and on Windows.

To regain full stack functionality, go to the Left Panel Folders Tab and click on the folder that contains the stacked images. When you highlight the folder, the stack will work properly.

Fiat Lux!