Jim DiVitale's Workshop is Incredible!

Today Jim started his The Creative Process of Fine Art Montage workshop here at LIGHT. We were able to get enough coffee and doughnuts to maintain some focus on his powerful techniques on creating his montage work.

Lots of blend modes, lots of masking and lots of creative brainstorming!

We learned to make our own custom brushes and lots of keyboard shortcuts to make the process go a lot smoother.

Jim gave us files to work off of to see how we would interpret what he had already finished for his commercial work.

Here is an example of our second hand-on work folder. 5 different images all combined using primarily the Overlay, Soft Light and Lighten blend modes.
You can see his version of this on his website gallery 2, only his version is more blue.
We will be learning how to do Displacement first thing in the morning and then how to do a few other tips and tricks he has waiting up his sleeve. This is a very Savvy class this weekend. Everyone seems to be on the same page. Great group, great instructor and some great doughnuts.
Tonight, Hal is a defending champion at the Paso Robles Wine Maker's BBQ Cook-off, assisted by Rich Hartenberger the wine maker at Midnight Cellars. Filet-wrapped Bacon and a port, triple chocolate, bacon and sea-salt finish brownie. Good luck boys!