Punk Rooster (Thanks Karen!)

Out shooting with the HDR Intensive class this afternoon and caught this little guy strutting around the place.  I normally carry two cameras and today I had one on the tripod for our HDR work and the other set up for action.  When I saw one of the course participants shooting this rooster, I jumped in as well. 

It was an interesting scene with all of us trying to coax the bird into the best light.  Turns out, chickens don't follow direction so well.

Not exactly sure what type of chicken this is but it caught our attention.  Funny we had just discussed how sometimes the favorite shot of the day will be a total surprise and not the intended subject of the shoot.  Great lesson learned, every now and again stop shooting and look around; often the better shot will be to the left, right, or behind you.

Fiat Lux!