Some of Today's Maternity Shots

Interpretation #1

Interpretation #2

In the studio today with a very pregnant (9+ months) woman shooting some maternity shots.  It was a great day as I had recently set up a Profoto D1 Air system at Light.  We shot and created for about five hours and ended up with some fun shots.  Whether classic or very artistic the entire process was simple with a tremendous model and the right equipment. 

I am not sure how I worked the studio before the D1 Air.  For those who have never used the system, a proprietary wireless system controls all of the studio lights from a simple remote.  I did not have to touch the controls on any of the generators the whole day (a huge benefit especially for the overhead hair light I have mounted eight feet in the air.) 

Tomorrow Canon and Light are sponsoring a talk in San Luis Obispo with Explorer of Light, Jennifer Wu.  Still time to sign up or just meet us at the Monday Club in SLO.

Fiat Lux!