580 EX II Cheat Sheet Part One

Canon Speedlite 580 EX II Cheat Sheet

Bull’s Recommendations
Revised 17 July 09
Basic Functions and Switchology

-Press the “Lightbulb”/C.Fn. button momentarily to activate the backlight

-Press and hold the same button to activate the Custom Function menu (may also be accessed via the camera’s Flash Control.

-Toggle the Mode button to switch between ETTL, Manual, and Multi

-ETTL = Exposure Through The Lens

-Manual = limited communication with the camera (but consistent)

-Multi = think strobe light

-Toggle the “squiggle H”/triangle button to switch between High speed synch, 2nd Curtain, and 1st Curtain.

-High Speed Synch = allows flash to synchronize when shutter speed >1/200 (5Ds, Rebels) 1/250 (most DSLR,) or 1/350 (1Ds.) These speeds are your Max Synch Speeds. Use only when needed. Remember effective flash distance decreases and batteries will exhaust at a faster rate.

-2nd Curtain = Flash fires just before shutter “closes” (great choice!) Not only for “dragging the shutter.”

-1st Curtain = Flash fires as shutter “opens”

-Press the Zoom button momentarily to activate zoom control

-If flash will not zoom, check the wide angle adapter

-Use the adjustment wheel to cycle through zoom levels

-When the “M” is displayed a manual zoom is locked

- Press the Sel/Set button in the middle of the adjustment wheel to exit zoom

-Press and hold the Zoom button to activate the Master/Slave functions

-Use the adjustment wheel to set Off, Master, or Slave

-Off = stand alone flash

-Master = sets flash as the control flash for multi flash ops

-Slave = sets flash as a dependent flash controlled by another master

-Press the Sel/Set button to activate Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)

-Use the adjustment wheel to cycle through FEC

-Press the Sel/Set button to lock

-Press the Sel/Set button twice to activate Flash Exposure Bracketing

     -Recommend ignoring this function

Speedlite Modifiers and Shaping Tools

The basic Speedlite output may be modified, shaped, or bounced to change the quality and nature of the light. There are many different products available.

LIGHT 1000% recommends the Hanson (not Gary) Fong Skin Glow bounce device. SIMPLY AMAZING performance with only a 1 – 2 stop light loss. Remember the best light is ceiling/wall light. Call or stop by for more explanation.

Careful with some products. LIGHT has received numerous reports of issues with the Whale Tail device. The “tupper ware” like globe/sphere devices do little and lose 3+ stops.

Many additional modifiers are available. If you have a question regarding a specific model contact LIGHT.

Part two up shortly.
Fiat Lux!