Sunset Walk on The Beach

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Two nights ago, I was trying to see what the make or break point was for slower shutter speeds and a fast 2 year old. The 5D Mk2 performed great as always and even when jumping up to higher ISO's like 1600 I was able to get some really sharp low-noise images. I took a few test shots at ISO 4000 (below and hand-held), fun, but noise is noise and no matter how cool it is to reach high ISO''s still noise.

This was one of those unexpected sunsets that you think there isn't much color because the sun sort of just fizzled out under the ocean fog. But you turn around and those beautiful pinks just seemed to explode from the clouds! Hal did several long exposures that we will see on the blog soon. They look incredible.
The extreme low tide gave this beautiful glass reflection. Some areas deeper than others which was just more than fun for her little pink rubber boots.

Most of these were taken with ISO 100-400 with a f2.8 and SS 1/20-1/50. A little bit of tweaking in Adobe Lightroom but not much. No vignetting added due to my 24-70 Lens and the full size sensor. But I like the effect that it created with these images. Hal was telling me that a small pop of a flash would have made the images sharper and "better" but to me it wouldn't have looked as "artistic".
(And he also failed to mention that he had a flash in his back pack...)
I enjoy the contrast and dark feeling of the scene. It puts me back into the scene as I saw it with minimal enhancing. And for those of you who know me...I love to enhance...I love Photoshop. That's why I made the panel-panorama, I just couldn't leave it alone!
I think I might have the first night of our Photo Festival here. It just seems fitting to have photographers meet in a large enough and beautiful place like this to kick things off.

-Get out and shoot!