Magic of Flowers - Afternoon Day 2

Great critters out and about.

We spent a few hours in the digital darkroom yesterday learning techniques from Rob Sheppard.  As the rain cleared we took another quick trip into the field so the class could shoot and practice some more. 

We found some of the most amazing lupine fields I have ever seen.  Pretty amazing when an entire 4 mile wide canyon smells strongly of lupine and only lupine. 

3 Shot HDR overlooking the canyon
Will continue to optimize when I have some additional time.


Topaz Adjust paint demo of the above image for one of the students.
Never hurts to play around a little.

In the lab this morning for Rob to provide some image review and deliver some constructive criticism. 

We will, of course, head back to the field this afternoon to shoot, shoot, shoot. 

Fiat Lux!