California Photo Festival Adds Classes and a New Instructor!

This year we welcome Fletch Murray to our premier instructor list for HDSLR video classes this year! Fletch will give us a thorough and complete education all week long from beginner to advanced and all types of interests. If you just want to learn video capability on your DSLR camera or if you want to become a certified professional we have given you the opportunity to learn as much or as little as you would like!

Fletch is a multi-Emmy award-winning director of photography. He has shot over 200 films in 25 countries from commercials for Coors, Kawasaki, Alpine, Universal Studios Jaws Lagoon etc. to 90-minute documentaries. He has shot with a number of cameras made by Panavision, Mitchell, Cinemascope, and Arriflex. Of his eighteen documentaries, the first won the Chicago Film Festival, his last documentary, ‘Google Me the Movie’, was spotlighted on ‘Oprah’. Fletch has shot hand-held, car-to-car, and helicopter, aerial shots in his award-winning career.  An Award-winning, Full Service Marketing Group  "The Longest Running Canon Boot Camp in the World"

Check out his California Photo Festival schedule here!