Topaz Labs ReStyle - Quick Look

Take a look at the new plug in from Topaz Labs called ReStyle.  Hal demonstrates and discusses the plug in this quick video.  Restyle offers one click access to create stylized interpretation of your original image.  You can easily make dozens or hundreds of variations when using the 1000+ presets available in ReStyle. 

The presets are awesome; single click mapping of tones and colors to create unique images, but what makes ReStyle even cooler are the additional controls.  Once you apply a preset you can modify the settings, mask the effects, and even change Blend Modes!Blend Modes are one of my favorite features in Photoshop and it is great to have them available in ReStyle.

ReStyle will retail for 59.99 but the price is 29.99 until the 31st of August with the discount code "restyleit ".

Click the link below to check it out.