California Photo Fest FAQ for 2013

We've been getting a few questions so we will be able to give you a few more links and a couple of downloads here to help you have a successful week at the festival.  

"For those of us without a smart phone, how do we get directions to our venues?" 

This year is the first year have gone "Green!" which is why we have the Festival App. This, unfortunately, doesn't help those who are from out of town and can't access the map within the app. 

Here are a few things to help you: 

Venue Travel Times Doc- This is the amount of time it will take for you to drive from our popular venues to the rest of our venues.

Google Map of Festival- Go to this map, look at your schedule and print out the maps and directions you need and keep them on hand. 

In your goodie bag! You will be getting a SLO County Visitors Guide which will have a county map so you can oversee the entire area. This map also has a distance grid to show you distance in miles from one town to another.

Victoria will also be at the Info desk, Julie will be available on our office phone and can assist you if you get lost or want verbal directions to a venue that day. 805-528-7385

Please keep in mind, this is a big event and over the years we have seen what works and what doesn't work. We've tried printing out maps and directions but it takes a lot of paper since many maps get lost through the week, and some directions need to be tailored specifically for your personal schedule.  The app and creating your own personal driving directions is the most efficient and effective way to get you to your venues!

What about powering my laptop for in indoor sessions? Will there be outlets available? 

Yes. However, remember you will be with 30 other students in some classes at Embassy. Although they have power outlets they may only have 4. Come prepared and bring your own power strip and maybe even a mini extension cord. Take care of your own needs and you won't be left without! Then you are the cool kid who can share! 

Is there specific gear for me to bring to these classes? 

Unless gear has been specified in the description bring your typical gear. There will be some loaner gear available from Expo Imaging, Sigma, Olympus and Canon. Samys will be bringing a lot of awesome loaner gear for shoots. IF YOU LOAN GEAR MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT BACK. These sponsors bring gear for us to use and they will only continue to do so if we are all responsible adults and return items when we're done.

Here is a recommended items list if you didn't see it in the letter.

I'm coming in early on the weekend. What is there to do? 

This is your lucky week! This year on October 5th there is our annual Paso Robles Air show at the Warbirds Museum. Awesome photo-ops! 

There is also a wonderful wine country both in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. 

Here are a few websites with local events and points of interest to check out! 

SLO County

Wine Coast Country

New Times SLO

Paso Robles Wine Country- We especially recommend:

Midnight Cellars and Tasting Room

Croad Winery

Red Soles Winery

Doce Robles

Dark Star Cellars and Brian Benson Cellars

San Luis Obispo Wine Country

There's also a lot of cool stuff like Hearst Castle, Piedras Blancas and the Morro Bay Embarcadero that you can't go wrong with! 

For more FAQ's visit our FAQ section on our festival website!

Do not hesitate to call us or email us with more questions and we'd be happy to add more posts for people and answer you directly!

See you Soon! 

Victoria and the LIGHT Team!