Tip of the Week: By David Mecey

When working with models, especially doing beauty portraits it is so very important to consider light, but more, a rapport with your model.

To create a successful beauty shot, take the time to find a location that is kind to the skin of your model, ie. no strange colors reflecting off her skin or face, greens, purples, intense reds, etc. This is especially true when shooting available light. Seek out an area where you have a soft glow of fill light to strike the face. Shoot with a wide open aperture to blur the background and take your timeNothing builds anxiety more than rushing about your model. The more calm and in good spirits you seem to be in the more relaxed she will be. Make her feel special with words of encouragement without being fake. If she is truly looking beautiful, tell her so. Then add to it by sharing the photo on the back of your camera. If it brings out a 'wow, that's me?" reaction, you're golden.


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