Back from Reno and San Rafael

The Light staff is back down in Los Osos.  We had a great time visiting Reno, Nevada for the TOPGUN 40th Anniversary Reunion, Tailhook, and Great American Balloon Race.  Did a little shooting while up in the high desert.  I did some HDR work with the TOPGUN staff and a Navy F-16.  The shot above is the lone F-16B we used as a backdrop for the staff shots.

On the way home I stopped by San Rafael to work with a Light client and photograph the Sir Francis Drake Dog Show.  A completely new experience shooting show dogs.  As many of you know we often work with dogs here at Light but they are agility dogs.  Shooting action is great fun because you are looking to capture the movement and excitement.  When shooting a show dog it is quite a bit different.  The shots cannot be simply portraits because the specific breed characteristics must be detailed in the image.  Believe me it is very much a challenge to not only create a well lit, stunning shot but to also show the breed per the standards.  My take, what fun would life be without a little challenge?

Working with canvas here today at Light and will kick off Monday Night Light at 6:30, as always.  If you haven't registered yet there is still time.  Visit the link below and follow to join.

We start another HDR Intensive tomorrow morning.  Five days of overcoming our camera's limitations.  Whether realistic, hyper realistic, or anywhere in between we will make it happen.

Fiat Lux!