Thanks for Another Great MNL

Star the Silky
Thanks to all the Monday Night Light participants this evening.  Great discussion of Lightroom and it's resizing and output sharpening in the Print Module. 

Not usually a fan of small dogs but I must admit this little Silky terrier is a cute little dog.  I shot the image in a mobile studio with a Canon 5D Mk II, EF 70-200mm f/4, PW, and three lights.  For the lighting setup, I used a single softbox as a main light slightly above the dog's eyes off to camera left.  There were also two strip softboxes 45 degrees off the dogs tail.  As a follow up to a previous post, the Creative Light softboxes are incredible. The backdrop was a simple black sheet draped down and then over a small grooming table. 

The shot does not show off all of the exact breed characteristics but I thought it was a decent portrait.  If you don't have enough challenge in your life try shooting show dogs in a small, mobile studio, especially big ones!

Kicking off our HDR Intensive here tomorrow morning.

Fiat Lux!