CaPhotoFest App Updated!

This is an essential tool as one of our attendees at the festival!

You will have access to our festival maps, entire schedule and notifications of updates, changes and sponsor deals now through the festival. Make sure you allow notifications to push to you so that you can get the information when it happens.

Our new update features an integrating map in each and every festival session that has a published venue.

We are not here to spam you. The sponsors we push every once in a while with the app we hope you find beneficial and of interest. This is about education and sharing knowledge with our students. 

The Festival APP
The festival app is going to be your best friend during the week of the festival as well as the time from now up until the festival week. Because of our heavy attempt to be "greenr", the app will serve as the Festival Booklet. The App will have the festival schedule, instructor bios, chat capabilities and more fun things to help enhance the week for you. MOST IMPORTANTLY: It has your maps and directions! Download here: Apple Users Android Users

To use the App for info and directions:

a)      Allow the App to give you Push Notifications
a.       The Push notifications during the festival week are going to be important. These will tell you any updates, changes in venues, announcements and sponsor deals going on.
b)      Navigate to the button that says “More”
c)       Scroll to “Festival Map”
d)      Allow the app to use your current location
e)      You can see all of the venues by map or by a list
f)       On the map, tap the venue you want
g)      Choose “Directions”
h)      Press on the upper right hand arrow (iphone only) to get directions from your current location to the venue. This arrow will launch your phone’s Google or iphone map. With Android phones just choose Directions and you will be good to go.
i)        In order to choose a new location you must open the app again since the directions have taken you out of the festival app.