Stephen Burns Shoot to Composite Festival Series

The series of classes with Stephen Burns are designed to take work together to give the student a complete understanding of a workflow that will take you the next level in digital creativity.

 Have you ever taken a series of photographs and was inspired to create a unique vision from them but you were not sure how to begin.  These series of classes with Stephen Burns (author of Photoshop Trickery & FX) will address just that.  They class is designed to take you through the entire creative process from photographing your concepts to creating powerful techniques in Photoshop that will bring your final vision to fruition. 

 The class will be taught in series of 12 parts for you to complete a final art piece by the end of the workshop. 

 We will begin by introducing you the to the foundations of image compositing then engage you in a series of on location photo shoots that will teach you how to record images for the purpose of creating composited artistic scenes.  We will approach the photographic process by allowing our minds to see infinite possibilities. The location of the shoot will be solidified closer to the start of the class but plans to include the vineyards of San Louis Obispo, the coast of Moro Bay, Hearst Castle and more.  We will enter each location with goal of photographing possibilities for your final art piece.

 Closer to the end of the class we will focus on bringing the vision together with powerful techniques in Photoshop.  You will learn some art foundations that will give you stronger insight as to how to make your work more dynamic.

 On the photo shoot you will learn:

 1.    Camera techniques in low and bright light conditions without a tripod

2.    Shooting textures for source material

3.    Composing your subjects from different angles for multiple compositing purposes.

4.    Setting Modes and Custom functions in your camera for to assist your workflow.

5.    Shooting Landscape photography

6.    Shooting Architecture for compositing source material.

7.    Vineyards during harvest time


In the Photoshop class you will learn:

 1.    Creating Custom Perspective to blend multiple images into a single concept.

2.    Working with Layers and Masks for artistic effects

3.    Using Layer styles for artistic techniques.

4.    Understanding and applying Layer blend modes.

5.    Artistic borders

6.    How to apply your brushes creatively as well as how to create your own.